TPMS Sensor Replacement

TPMS Sensor Replacement. The TPMS unit constantly monitors the tyre pressures and it alerts the driver with a warning light on the dashboard when something is wrong, like a change in tyre pressure or air temperature.

The TPMS fitted to your vehicle improves vehicle safety as it helps to prevent blowouts with early warning incorrect tyre pressures alerts.

Having an efficient TPMS saves you money because having the correct tyre pressure vastly increases tyre life and boosts fuel efficiency.

Your vehicle will fail its NCT test if it has a faulty TPMS unit or the valves per tyre might need replacing. google reviews

Vehicles registered from 01/01/12 are fitted with TPMS and if your vehicle falls into this category and the TPMS is not working correctly, you will fail your NCT test.

A TPMS sensor valve needs to be replaced around 5 years or up to 100,000 miles, although this can vary depending on how the vehicle has been used.

Contact our mobile TPMS replacement team, we usually arrive at your address within 45 minutes and we’ll quickly diagnose the problems and solve them within client budget.

TPMS sensor replacement

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TPMS Sensor Replacement